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A management consulting firm with deep experience in executive management and applied technologies.

We elevate organizational performance by collaborating with clients to enhance management effectiveness, increase process efficiency,  apply appropriate technologies, and create new revenue streams.

What We Do


We identify business needs and opportunities.

We do strategic planning, systems analysis, policy development, process improvement, organizational change, and executive coaching.

We design and implement appropriate solutions.


We leverage technology to create significant ROI.

We develop, implement and maintain innovative solutions.

We design, build and host collaborative community platforms and business support applications.


We develop creative concepts and prepare business plans for innovative ventures.

We raise capital.

We provide interim and longer term management solutions for start-up projects and companies.

How We Work

Service:  We meet commitments and deliver exceptional value.

Creativity:  We leverage the power of creative insights, relationships, learning and collaboration.

Innovation:  We turn ideas into value.

Community: We develop people to communicate, coordinate, cooperate and collaborate.

Relationships:  We create long-term relationships through responsiveness, relevance and value.

Stewardship:  We build a better, stronger and more sustainable quality of life for future generations.

Integrity: We say what we mean; we align our behaviors with our beliefs; we take responsibility for our actions.

Respect:  We value diversity; we celebrate unique talents and contributions; we maintain an open and inclusive environment.

Trust:  We work in good faith, we share freely, we are patient, and we know we are and will be better off for doing so.

Where We Work

Contact Us

Phone: 816.419.9189 | Email: Info@gwilliamsconsulting.com